Super Screen  vs. Leading Fiberglass Screen
Fiberglass Super Screen
  Weight, oz/sq yd   4.5 6.5
  Tensile Strength* Warp 78.8 112.5
    (strip), lbf Fill 54.2 100.2
  Tear Strength,* lbf Warp 14.0 31.5
  Fill 9.9 27.2
  Ball Burst Strength* 61 lbs 188 lbs
  Warranty Length 1-3 yrs. 10 yrs.
  Expected Life Span 3-6 yrs. 10-20 yrs.

Replacing Your Screen
Every Few Years Can Be Expensive

Because Super Screen outlasts fiberglass screen at least three to one, substantial savings are apparent.
Replacement Period
(full re-screen)
Other Screen Cost* Super Screen Cost
  3-6 years $1,666 -0-
  6-12 years $1,666 -0-
  12-18 years $1,666 -0-
Total Cost $4,998 ZERO
* Strength tests are industry-established measures for the amount of force required to tear both damaged and undamaged textile products. * Cost based on a medium sized pool cage at an average re-screening cost of $1.00 per sq. ft. Not included are the usual repairs to fiberglass screen due to forces of nature and accidents.

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