Super Screen now comes in two mesh sizes
The 16/14 mesh which means in every square inch of screen there are 16 holes in one direction and 14 holes in the other. This mesh size offers the clearest viewing when sitting on a porch or balcony and looking out at the landscape, while still protecting you from flies, mosquitoes and other small insects. 
The 16/14 mesh blocks out 30% of the harmful UV rays and lets the good rays in that lets your plants flourish.
The 17/20 mesh has 17 holes in one direction and 20 holes in the other for every square inch of screen. The openings are a little smaller so it keeps out some of the smaller insects. Yet, it allows you to view your landscape with little to no distortion. The 17/20 mesh blocks out 50% of the harmful UV rays and still lets in the good rays to help your plants grow.
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